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Supporting individuals, groups and organisations to:

Consider their options
Define their objectives
Create a plan

Achieve their goals.

Welcome to

Solved-it! Business Solutions

You may be an individual looking to develop or get promoted.

You may be thinking of starting your own business.

You may be running a successful business but want to develop and grow. 

Whatever you want to do… 

Getting it right first time means you get a better return on your investment.

Coaching? Mentoring? Business Development? Change Management? 

It doesn’t matter what it’s called. What people and organisations need is support to achieve their objectives. 

We understand that both individuals and organisations often lack the time and resources to fully focus on the analysis and planning that is required for successful development, without neglecting their day-to-day duties or operations.

But without that planning how do you to set a course for the future?

Solved-it! Business Solutions

A qualified, experienced consultancy that will guide you through the planning, creation, implementation and evaluation of a business strategy to ensure that it is thorough, objective, rational and most importantly maximises your potential for success.

About Us.

We are extremely proud to be a small business that can offer bespoke support services to both individuals and organisations alike. 

Our clients can be: 

Individuals looking to develop your own skills and abilities, or have concerns about challenges they are facing in their current workplace. 

Organisation considering moving into a new sector or simply looking to expand their current market share.

We give our clients a ‘fresh perspective’ view of their plans. 

Using our knowledge, skills and experience to analyse their initial ideas we support our clients to fully recognise the strengths and realistic potentials of their aims whilst also identifying the likely challenges or potential weaknesses at the earliest opportunity.

This means that the plans that are put in place are not just credible, they bring focus to the more clearly defined aim and deliver the best potential for achieving the clients goals.

How We Work.

We listen to what you want to achieve. 

We take time to understand how and why you have reached this point in time, what is most important to you, where you have concerns, worries or even fears. 

We then combine all that information and knowledge with our expertise and skills to create a strategic plan that will take you forward to your goals.

They are your objectives. We simply help you achieve them. 

A successful consultant works to support their client, be that an individual or an organisation, to evaluate the strengths weaknesses and challenges of their plans. 

The consultant then supports the client to explore and agree the best way forward: for the client.

Why Us?

You may then feel that, once you have the plan to hand, you can work through it to secure your aims and objectives. However, you may prefer that we support you through the entire journey… It’s your call. 

We purposely maintain a small active client base, to ensure that each one of our customers receive the highest level of support and continued excellent service from us.

We work on a retained basis with some clients, whilst others utilise our skills and expertise just for particular tasks or specific project phases. 

We are happy to consider which ever method suits you best.

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Tel: 01246 252323

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